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A Children's Tale, or The Soldier and the Witch. (English Edition)

Autor: Jesús Ángel
Ranking en Amazon: #0 (ayer: #0)
Páginas: 12

A tale written specially to greet the Infant Book Day. Initially written in Spanish, this is its English translation.

It has two parts: the tale itself, intended for children, and a second part for parents, those unbelievers whom you've got to explain everything. This second part is not advisable for kids, whereas the first one is not advisable for parents.

This tale was downloadable for free for five days, but will never bee so again as I already used the five promotion days Amazon gives me.

I hope, though, you enjoy this tale for both children and parents, which I published for the sake of the 2012 International Infant Book Day.

I wish to thank all my readers, to whom I humbly dedicate this tale, specially to my fellows at Facebook groups "Authors who publish in Amazon" and "I like your book", among them outstanding Félix Jaime Cortés, Mercedes Pinto, Antonio Lagares, Esteban Navarro, and Blanca Miosi, whose works I have enjoyed so much. I wish them a very long literary life.

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