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Psychotronic Warfare: How They Control Your Mind (English Edition)

Autor: George Colpit
Ranking en Amazon: #281907 (ayer: #281749)
Páginas: 236

Imagine you are in the middle of a crowd protesting against your latest government?s decision of depriving you of an essential component of your life?be it your freedom of speech, your freedom of choosing your spouse, your right to vote, or any other rights.
?You shout, put up posters, and deliver speeches? And suddenly you and all around you?could be tens of thousands?fall to the ground. Not killed. Not wounded. Just? fallen asleep.
You all sleep for as long as it takes for you to become very thirsty, very hungry, and very weak. Then you all wake up one by one and? go home.
Guess what: psychotronic weapons have just been used against you.
...So, will you take part in the demonstration next time? Probably not.

Well, maybe you do resume your protest. This time though you feel your attention is driven to very unimportant details in your immediate vicinity. You forget why you are there and find it very important indeed to withdraw quietly and see to a very minor need that you have just developed a major interest in. You must buy a new T-shirt or change your shoes. Nothing matters except that particular thing. So you go and satisfy your need. Goodbye protests!
This is how they control your mind. Psychology has been put to very "practical" and cost-effective use.

Or you and all your fellow rioters get extremely aggressive, but not against the police or the armed forces of the government? You all become extremely aggressive to one another! A general brawl of colossal dimensions ensues and your protests are driven to an end, with hundreds dead and injured, while the policemen just keep watching the murder scene impassively.

Now, imagine your government is OK and you do not need to protest, yet a foreign army is about to invade your country. You prepare your weapons, you grow the number of soldiers to the highest possible, enrolling everyone capable of firing a gun.
Yet, with no apparent reason, your army goes mad! Soldiers start thinking everyone is the enemy and they aim at one another. Or they flee in terror or in a great, unstoppable panic, and allow the invaders to take over all the cities and territories in a matter of hours.

Or imagine you are a slave, working endless hours for no pay, together with other millions of slaves, and you have no concept, or understanding, of freedom at all, no desire to change your situation and no way to envision your fate as unjust and unacceptable.

Those states of affairs, and many others alike, arise from the use of psychotronic weapons. Are those weapons real? Have they been developed in any part of the world? Are we under their effect at all?

The author of ?Psychotronic Warfare: How They Control You Mind? has been investigating the issues for a long time. He had contacted, made friends with, and interviewed tens of people long before Russian President Putin declared publicly that his country possessed psychotronic weapons. He scrutinized the internationally acknowledged cases of refugees being brought to a violent death under unexplainable conditions... He approached persons who had worked for government research agencies dealing with psychotronics. He used his common sense and constructive imagination to complete the picture that had been emerging from all that research. ?And the present book is the result of those efforts.

George Colpit used his sharp mind, his uncommonly vivid imagination, and his great literary talent to weave everything into what looks very much like a novel. He endeavored to conceal his sources and not to expose his contacts. All those for presenting the truth to the general public, albeit transfigured by means of literary devices.

Look at this book as having two sides, like a carpet. The literary side is what we read and take as a work of art (very enjoyable in itself in fact). The other side of the carpet?the factual side?is what we should think of and meditate upon. And when we cease to fear, that is the side that we should all rise against.

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