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My intimate mortal enemy

Autor: Esther Llull
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Páginas: 248

A prestigious rocket scientist travels from America to Finland, worried by signs of a Little Ice Age, meanwhile his young friend is living in Copenhagen a stage of life not very adaptable, which she tries to get ahead. The problem of financial globalization and the current economic crisis in Europe, runs through the entire history of their protagonists, who arise a world in crisis and without substance and that ends up affecting their lives, their empty and intimate existence to its end, giving an impressive turn to their way of seeing deep yearning objectives. Life is like a current greater than us, this idea imbues the whole novel, and the characters are always on the edge of the stream and try to pass it to find their creative and their spirit, but to transfer this current means to flow in another direction , which is the sense that they seek their lives, provided a greater sense, transcending individuality, pulled back into the flow and the current leads, the circle of life, the substrates and cultural trends, but you have to take the leap and able to swim against the current. Story of love, friendship, philosophy and religion in today's world.

There is an investigation into the Little Ice Age polar, but also following the study of these ancient periods of the Pleistocene, there is a period of submersion in antiquity and explores matriarchal cultures, deities and maternal fertilities are compared with the Great Mother Goddess. Also the characters have a passion in them, deepening their psychological traits in a very profound way. And you feel immersed in a story that unfolds its center at the heart of Europe and in the Nordic cold polar.

In addition the scientific thesis of the book is a thesis more than likely, it is shown that there was a warming climate in the medieval period, but what came after it was a long period of a Little Ice Age, which lasted well into virtually the nineteenth century.

My Author Page:

This novel has been reedited and it has been better unified theme and concern to emphasize its literary greatest qualities. This is a text of the novel:

"The pale January sun projected broad stripes on the house, the light touched something on the angle of the window profiles edged white house, as the light grew here and there, touched something green and made a emerald package, everything became softly amorphous, some bud swayed as if it were a premature effort hatching. The lake water was calm and a thud of white boats anchored in the harbor appeared. It was the time, the day had come, all the ceremonies were over, the horrible ceremony of goodbyes in the lobby, he was considered free or other different man, maybe someone different from before, he did not know pretending well his lack of attachment the adventure, romance, he did not know what would be his meeting with Alma, but there he was prepared to see her again, after more than eight years since he have not seen her, it could be like every other girl unknown to him or as a blindly meeting".

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